Welcome to the Cold Print Archive (ISSN: 1368 - 7875)

Here you will find a selection of our previously published interviews, fiction and feature articles. All material within this electronic publication has been previously published and is copyright (c) Cold Print 2002, (2004, 2014 online) on behalf of the contributors. Cold Print was a small-press publication that ran between 1996 and 2002. Originally conceived by Simon Barnard (BBC producer, Bafflegab Productions, The Scarifiers), the magazine was intended to be a platform for new fiction and interviews from within the horror genre - in fact the name 'Cold Print' itself came from the title of a short story collection by Ramsey Campbell (used with kind permission). Following a period of revision and metamorphosis, the magazine registered with the British Library and broadened its content to include speculative fiction, literature and film reviews - as well as eclectic collection of feature articles.