Storm Constantine: Heaven or Hell?

heaven or hell?


Best selling SF / Fantasy author Storm Constantine offers her opinion





Books: These would have to be ones that I could read over and over without getting fed up, so first of all that would have to include a lot of Jack Vance – especially Lyonesse. Then, the poems and stories of Dorothy Parker and the short stories of Tanith Lee. I’d also like to have a full volume set of The Oxford English Dictionary, which has as many fascinating things in it as the most bizarre fantasy.

Films: Excalibur, for inspiration; The Haunting (original black and white version) for the occasional good scare; The Matrix, just because it’s one of the best movies ever made in my opinion.

 Music: Difficult one, as I like so much. Some Wagner; the ‘Euphoria’ trance compilations; Morcheeba’s Big Calm; a couple of Delirium CDs; the Dead Can Dance full works; some spacy ambient stuff and the soundtrack to Gladiator.




Books: Anything twee, safe and unconvincing. If a fantasy has elves, unicorns, and simpering maidens in it, it is clearly the work of Satan. Or alternatively, those self-conscious mainstream novels that try to be clever and happening, while really being a self-indulgent yawn. Please, don’t force me to read the ‘thirty-something’ angst books! Agh!


Films: American movies that seethe with false sincerity and sentiment. Cuteness is the devil’s work. I also hate the new British movies that glorify mindless yobs who should really be quietly pushed off a cliff somewhere.

Music: Trad Jazz sets my teeth on edge. Also, severe hard-house, as I used to live with someone who played it constantly – loudly. It’s clear to me that people have to take drugs to bear it, as otherwise they would be stabbing one another.

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